Did you know you can send money overseas from your Qudos Bank account to an overseas bank account via electronic transfer (telegraphic transfer). Qudos Bank has teamed up with Convera to bring you this efficient and economical service.

Benefits of a Telegraphic Transfer:

  • Send money to over 200 countries/territories in more than 130 currencies.
  • A direct and efficient way of payment to the recipient's bank account.

What is the exchange rate?

To calculate today's foreign exchange rate, use Convera's Foreign Exchange Rates calculator for an estimate. 

How do I send money via Telegraphic Transfer?

You can arrange a Telegraphic Transfers less than $5,000 yourself through Online Banking, for a fee2.

Online Banking

Select 'International Transfer/Pay' then 'International Transfer' and follow the prompts

Qudos Bank App

Select 'Pay' then 'International' in the menu

We can help you arrange Telegraphic Transfers over $5000 for a fee2. The details of the person you are sending to will be needed before completing the form:

  • recipient's full name (Note: must be full name, no initials)
  • recipient's full street address (PO Box address not accepted)
  • bank's name
  • bank's full street address (including country)
  • bank's code (sort code, SWIFT address, or routing number)
  • recipient's bank account number
  • IBAN^ (if applicable).

** Further information may be required for some countries**


How to apply to send a Telegraphic Transfer:

Download and complete our Telegraphic Transfer Form, you can return the form by:

How long will the funds take to arrive?

The funds will usually arrive to the destination bank within 2-3 business days1. Please note some currencies may take longer than others to arrive.