There are now over 35 currencies to choose from when receiving payments from overseas powered by Convera. By receiving money into your Qudos Bank account you can be guaranteed to receive the full amount sent, with no beneficiary deduct fee*.

What is the exchange rate?

To calculate today's foreign exchange rate, use Convera's Foreign Exchange Rates calculator for an estimate. 

What do I need to do to receive money to my account from overseas?

Step 1

Complete and submit the Obtain Bank Details form

Step 2

Save the pdf deposit instructions and send a copy to your payee or follow the payment instructions

Step 3

Ask the sender to:

  • Present these instructions to their bank when sending the payment to you.
  • Deposit the amount into the dedicated account as stated in the instructions. Deposit in local currency not in AUD


Frequently asked questions

Qudos Bank does not have a SWIFT code as we receive International transfers through Convera. To receive International transfers complete the ‘Obtain Bank Details’ form above and supply a copy to your payee.

The funds will usually arrive to the destination bank within 2-3 business days1.

When you complete the 'Obtain Bank Details form':

  • the most up to date bank account details are provided to you
  • you can obtain an indicative exchange rate/value
  • information required for compliance purposes is collected
  • A unique reference number is generated, allowing Convera to quickly identify what bank and customer the money belongs to

Convera and Qudos Bank do not charge any fees to receive and convert transfers from overseas into Australian Dollars. However, the sending bank and any intermediary banks involved in the transaction may charge their own fees.