Our existing real-time payment service which allows you to send instant payments (known as Osko payments) using a PayID via the New Payments Platform (NPP), will be extended to payments using a BSB and account numbers.

From November all eligible payments* made using a PayID or BSB and account number (excluding scheduled transfers) will be sent as real-time Osko payments via NPP.

This will enable you to make payments to your friends and family instantly, based on your transaction limits.

We encourage additional care when setting up payees and making payments, as most payments will take place in real-time.

Rejected payment notifications

We will be introducing rejected payment notifications via email and SMS to inform you if an NPP transaction happens to fail and can be reprocessed via Direct Entry (EFT). You’ll also receive a push notification if you have them turned on.

In most instances, if the payment can’t be processed by NPP it will be sent via Direct Entry (EFT) which will take approximately 1-2 business days.

For any payments that can’t be processed, they will appear in your transaction list in Online Banking or the app as a failed transaction. In this instance, you will need to re-attempt the payment using alternative payee details.

Safety & Security

Qudos Bank take your personal and account security seriously and have a range of tools that monitor for unauthorised transactions. This includes real-time payment monitoring, so you may receive a call to confirm your transaction, or in the event we notice suspicious account activity.

In addition to our monitoring services, we encourage you to regularly review your transaction history, and credit card statements, check and update your transaction limits if not in use and keep your contact information up to date.

Benefits of real-time payments

  • Fast payments across participating banks
  • Simplified and safer account ID’s
  •  You can now make real-time payments 24/7
  • Available through your Qudos Bank App and Online Banking


*Where the receiving financial institution is enabled for NPP. Where a receiving financial institution isn’t enabled on the NPP platform to accept instant payments you will receive a notification that the instant payment can’t be processed and that your payment will be delivered via standard payment methods. The standard payment platform (Direct Entry) could take between 1-2 business days to transfer funds depending on the institution.