We are here to support you and assist you in managing your finances, whether it’s to understand budgeting, assist you in buying your next home, or planning your retirement.



We believe in offering our customers straightforward, easy to understand products that provide outstanding value, accommodating a range of finances. From personal loans to home loans or to wealth management, we have measures in place to help you every step of the way. Our product information is readily available on our website with updates continuously being shared on our social platforms and via our Qudos Bank mobile app.


Customer Service

We’ve increased training for our front-line staff and provided further resources to ensure our staff are highly skilled, available and able to assist you with any inquiries over the phone in the quickest possible and most accurate manner, delivering better customer experiences.

We have established a customer feedback platform which allows us to acknowledge and capture customer feedback and manage the process accordingly.


Financial Planning

We offer personal service for your investments, life and risk insurances, superannuation, retirement strategies and Aged Care advice that we provide in partnership with ClearView.


Financial Hardship

We understand financial hardship is something that can impact anyone for reasons that are out of our control. We’re here to support you through these trying times into the long term. There are a variety of ways we can help ease the burden for each individual.

To read more about how we can assist with financial hardship visit our Financial Hardship page.

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